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Jen + Andy | Miramar Naval Base | Military Homecoming

As I said on my Instagram, no matter how many of these Homecomings I do my heart will always skip a beat when I get to do one. From the moment a wife or girlfriend reaches out to me, I end up caring so much about her, I admire her strength, I often think of her and how her children are, I think of something I can do to lend help or support and I countdown the days with her!

The drive to the airport or base my heart races, knowing she is about to be reunited with the love of her life and I have to remind my hands to stop trembling so my camera can catch focus for all these once in a lifetime memories.

When I met Jen, she text me, "I'm standing by the guys holding guns waiting for you." I laughed and thought, "Only on base would that be a normal thing to say. Okay... I'm coming... yay! haha!

We got to spend an hour together and I could feel her excitement, SHOOT, I was excited so I can only imagine her excitement! We talked about how they met, their upcoming plans, how life was with him away, and everything in between. When I left, she said, "I'm so glad you were here with me." and that meant so much to me. I love that when someone reaches out to me, we are strangers to each other- but by the end, we become friends, like we've known each other all along.

Grab a tissue & enjoy.

San Diego Military Homecoming

San Diego Military Homecoming

San Diego Military Homecoming

San Diego Military Homecoming

San Diego Homecoming




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